It’s the little things: Breakfast with my Husband

A handwritten note of appreciation, flowers just because, a big ‘ol tight hug after a long day- it’s the little things in life that mean the most to me. Often times “life” gets in the way of spending time with the ones we loved most; or rather, we allow work or our hobbies to take the place of where we really want to be.

As a newlywed, I’m beginning to appreciate life more and trying not to take anything for granted. My husband is truly my better half. I would be lost without him. He’s opened up a world of new things and endless possibilities. We dated for ten years before getting hitched on 12.13.14, I’m excited for the chapter that is unfolding.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved coffee. I remember my grandma letting me taste my first sip of coffee at the age of five. It’s become a daily habit for me that I’ve somewhat become addicted to. I’m not sure if it’s the taste or the fact that it makes me smile every time I think of my grandma (or my welita, as I like to call her).

I’ve recently acquired a taste for tea, Matcha tea to be exact. I have become somewhat of frequent customer at Craftiques Garden Tea Lounge and have become intrigued with the art of making Matcha tea. I took a class where I learned about the Japanese Tea ceremonies and the different ways of making Matcha tea. I’m still trying to master the art before writing a blog post about it. It takes practice, and I try as often as I can to make it a part of my morning routine. In this photo, one (one who knows about Matcha) would say there isn’t enough froth.

Matcha Tea

My husband wasn’t fond of the tea, perhaps when I master the art he’ll have a different opinion. For now, I’ll continue making breakfast for him. He seems to enjoy my cooking. This dish was inspired by one of my favorite restaurants Tost Bistro and Lounge — they have an amazing brunch menu and serve delectable brussel sprouts!

Rarely do my husband and I get the opportunity to have breakfast with one another because of our completely opposite schedules. So when we do get the chance, I try to go all out. Here we have poached eggs over a bed of brussel sprouts, bacon, and Blue cheese with a side of champagne sweet tomatoes!



All that’s missing is the perfect hollandaise sauce! If you have an awesome recipe you’d like to share,  please send over!



crumbs don’t have calories

so let me just start off by saying, i’ve been a very bad girl! my coworker decided to bake cookies and brought them in on monday. i resisted the first day, but by day two, i had three –maybe four. then today, i finished them off in addition to cake! lots of cake! had it for breakfast, after lunch and some after that! …after eating a yummy lunch at paesanos! but, it was the judge’s birthday and i just had to have it! isn’t it darling? i know, still bad, bad, bad! luckily, my coworker assured me that “crumbs don’t have calories.” yes, she did catch me eating crumbs of the delicious cake! ugh! i sure hope i don’t gain too many pounds for that! that is definitely the last time i do that!

day 12 of 100: awesome 4 mile run on the riverwalk! it was 31 degrees out and it was perfect running weather for me! absolutely loved it! most people in the SOUTH would say i’m crazy, but i would take cold of hot and sunny ANY day!

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and just like that…

another one to add to the 2011 list is to cook more! last night i made chicken fettuccini w/homemade alfredo sauce! i know for most of you it isn’t a big deal, but mine is usually purchased out of a jar! anyway, for those of you who are interested, here is the recipe:

alfredo sauce:
♥ 1 pint heavy whipping cream
♥ 1 stick of of butter
♥ 1 can of parmesan cheese
mix all in a sauce pan on medium heat. garlic salt optional.
…and just like that you have your own alfredo sauce ready for eatin’!

thank you letter no.3: this person shall remain nameless for something she did anonymously. this person is such an amazing person and has done so much for me. this letter was much fun to write…hope i don’t get in too much trouble for emailing it 🙂

day 3 of 100: 5k (37:22) well, i improved by 4 minutes–not too shabby


here comes the sun

well, they canceled practice last night and here’s why!

our route was completely under water! i guess that’s what we get for asking for rain! well, the sun is finally up and good times await! it’s thursday afternoon and the weekend it almost here! i know it was only a 4-day work week, but boy were we busy! i’m finally caught up w/my work and now taking a break to enjoy this wonderful watermelon! ah, this is heaven!



bring on the rain

i jinxed myself! turns out, i was only able to go 7 days without fast food! but in my defense, it was pouring rain! i did really well to pack my lunches for the week but forgot to defrost something…anything for dinner! 🙁
oh well, we can try again! even if i eat fastfood just 3 times this month that will be an accomplishment for me!

yesterday was also my first day off my shins. i will say this, not working out= laziness! i ate and went straight to bed! i really hope my shins heal or this will have been a waste! 🙂 at least it was raining so it was very relaxing listening to the rain. i adore the rain!

what i love about rain?

♥ snuggling
♥ white chocolate mocha
♥ the smell before & after
♥ doing absolutely nothing
♥ rainbows

looking forward to my turkey burger & sweet potatoe fries after practice! i will not be running but my teammates will…i think i make a better cheerleader than a runner anyway 🙂


what a wonderful weekend!

i would like to begin this blog by telling you that i am 7 days fast-food free!! i didn’t say i’ve been eating healthy, but i have not had a bite of fast food in 7 whole days! that’s a huge accomplishment for me! only 23 more days to go! actually, i’m hoping to break the habit!

[friday] i had an early airrosti appointment and decided to take the rest of the day off. the session went well, but still was not able to run on saturday 🙁 i was very productive for a day off. i cooked and cleaned, went grocery shopping, did laundry, did the dishes twice! and if you know me, you know that i HATE dishes! i also spent the day packing my lunch for the week, slicing fruit and putting into containers. i bought these awesome containers (pictured above) at walmart 3/$1.50!! i bought several! i packed turkey, pepper jack cheese & spinach sandwiches, carrots & a small spinach salad in each. i also packed some spinach, grilled chicken w/parmesan cheese in others. a yummy treat!

[saturday] i intended to run 12 miles, but my shins had a mind of their own. they still hurt and i ended up walking only 10. another participant on the team, alyson, had the same problem w/her shins so we walked together- i sure hope we heal soon! after practice i made a mad dash home to shower and change and met mom at the movies. we saw EAT, PRAY, LOVE! such a great movie! i read the book and absolutely loved it! as always the book is way better, but i must say i was impressed by the movie! julia roberts did a great job…and i’m not saying that because she’s my favorite actress either! i left the movies and headed to meet the boyfriend to go shopping for his one-year-old neice and then to her birthday party! birthday parties are more fun when you have kids…we have no intention of having kids, but i should have brought my god-daughter! too bad the kid had prior engagements! 🙂

[sunday] my boyfriend and i spent the day at seaworld. apparently everyone else in san antonio had the same idea! needless to say, we did not stay very long. however, we did have a lot of fun feeding the dolphins! precious, isn’t she?


[monday] the annual labor day whine run! and i did whine a lot! my shins hurt sooo much and i think i will be staying off it for awhile. it’s only when you’re hurt that you notice the other hurt people on the course looking like idiots determined to finish at any expense! here is lila, me & kelley before the race:


and us w/a few fellow TNTers enjoying some wine afterwards! sangria to be exact!

then we spent the rest of the afternoon bbq’ing at kelley’s house. we ate and drank and ate a lot more! a perfect way to end the wonderful weekend!


today is the day!

last night’s dinner: pecan crusted chicken w/green beans and baked sweet potato!

it was delicious! as was this morning’s breakfast, egg frittata!

although, i do have to break it to you. today is day 7 of my diet also known as the day i always give up! after breakfast i could not bring myself to drink my morning smoothie. my body would not have it. i couldn’t pack a lunch either, i do not want another salad!! it’s now lunchtime and i am hungry! i may go down to our office cafeteria and grab a grilled cheese sandwich, i really can’t have another salad. i hope i can eat a sensible dinner tonight and not give up because i am doing so well. at least i think i’m doing well, today we shall see! today’s the day i find out if i’ve lost any weight! my goal is to lose 2lbs a week. if i lose 2lbs today, i will be ecstatic! probably the only motivation that will keep me on this diet! so, wish me luck in that i lose those 2lbs this evening!


weekend recap

finally, blogger is back up! anyone have the same problem? didn’t seem like it as i kept seeing new posts and getting upset because i could not comment on them!

anyway, happy to report i had a great weekend! tnt kickoff was saturday morning and it was a great one! a full house w/lots of eager participants, it’s going to be a great season! afterwards went to the gym and ran 4 miles and 20 minutes on the elliptical while watching a movie on lifetime! this elliptical thing sure is getting easier! afterwards my honey and i went to hooters and a comedy show, we saw comedian, pablo francisco, very funny guy!

followed my “diet” pretty much all weekend. at hooters had some naked wings and celery sticks. (okay, maybe the beer wasn’t on the diet) then had some wine at the show, i can honestly say the wine is on the diet! 🙂 i figured since i hadn’t had wine all week (as the book allows), i’d indulge a little.

sunday was a wonderful rest day, my bf and i spent all day in bed! he made me breakfast, hard boiled eggs as was previously on the menu. then i decided to indulge a little more– he wanted whataburger, so i opted for the grilled chicken salad- not too bad. i won’t tell you what i had for dinner, okay yes i will, little ceasar’s pizza. but i’ve come to a conclusion that this book (the wine and food lover’s diet), is basically about portion control and i only had 2 slices! usually, i could finish the whole pizza if someone would let me! so i was very proud of myself!

today another spinach, mushroom & jalapeno cheese omelet, a salad for lunch and tonight pecan crusted chicken! each w/a green smoothie. this week is headed off to a great start!

juneathon day 6: 30 minutes of yoga