13 Candid Photos Every Bride Needs From Her Photographer

I’m a regular Charlotte York kind of gal. You know, “sweet, romantic, and traditional. A bit prissy and naïve and won’t settle for less than a picture-perfect life.” Naturally, I wanted perfect pictures for our wedding. We sought out wedding vendors at the Bridal Extravaganza, January 2014. We met our wedding photographers David and Irene of Expose the Heart; my entourage and I instantly fell in love with the photos the couple had on display. Their tag line? “Just like the way light exposes a photograph, allowing it to become more visible, love exposes the heart.” Words never spoke truer.

We purchased a package that included engagement and bridal photos, so we had lots of communication throughout the year before the big day, December 13, 2014. A week before the wedding, I met with Irene to finalize our shot list and sent her a Pinterest board for inspiration (photographers love that, by the way). I had complete faith in the duo when it came to our wedding photos. While there were certain photos I hoped I would see, it was the candid photos I loved most. These are the candid photos, I feel every bride needs from her photographer:

    1. The endless hours of planning brought to life by her family, friends and vendors.Danny and Grace 12.13.14Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14Linen, DPC Events; Bride’s cake, Lucy’s; Lounge furniture, The Lounge Concept; Flowers, Evember; Day-of-wedding coordinator, Jennifer Craft
    2. A moment of prayer (sans mimosas) that brings peace to the bride.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    3. A mother’s visit into the bridal suite that soothes the soul.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    4. Her groom at the end of the aisle with a smile as big as Texas.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    5. A promise that brings smiles to her friends and family and tears to a bridesmaid.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    6. The beginning of a beautiful forever.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    7. The unbreakable bond between two sisters and the women who give her purpose.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    8. The split-second between staged photos that bring laughter to the bride + groom.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    9. The best kind of love, brought together by Christ and hand-picked by each other.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    10. A sneak-peak into what the bridesmaids were doing before the bride made her grand entrance.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    11. A friendship that stands the test of time and distance.Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    12. Speeches that left the bride + groom speechless and fist-bumps amidst bridesmaids.Danny and Grace Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14 Danny and Grace 12.13.14
    13. The I’m-having-the-time-of-my-life-photo; oh yeah, and it looks like everyone else is having fun too!Danny and Grace 12.13.14Danny and Grace 12.13.14 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1068 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1135 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1143 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1073 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1092 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1125 WEB-Grace-and-Daniel-by-San-Antonio-Wedding-photographer-Expose-The-Heart-Photography-1146

Photo credit: Expose the Heart