SeaWorld Adventure Con, June 26-28

Ever since I saw the movie Free Willy, I’ve been infatuated with sea life. I still remember watching the flick for the first time with my sister and cousin. I remember my cousin crying tears of joy at the end of the movie when Willy is finally freed. I couldn’t help but laugh, because that’s just what I did. My biggest laugh came when a teenager/friend “kidnaps” the ten-thousand-pound killer whale and gets stuck in the mud. Because…what are the odds of that happening?

But in all seriousness, I really do find the bond between man and animal fascinating. The level of trust each must give is unmatched. A lot has changed since I visited SeaWorld as a child. A lot has to do with the controversy from the documentary Blackfish. SeaWorld insists it’s propaganda and have gone through great lengths to defend their honor. I encourage you to do your own research on the truth about Blackfish before forming an opinion.

My love for the sea creatures and the thrill of the roller coaster rides has enticed my visit for the SeaWorld Adventure Con, June 26-28. Check out the amazing speakers scheduled to make an appearance.

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