It’s the little things: Breakfast with my Husband

A handwritten note of appreciation, flowers just because, a big ‘ol tight hug after a long day- it’s the little things in life that mean the most to me. Often times “life” gets in the way of spending time with the ones we loved most; or rather, we allow work or our hobbies to take the place of where we really want to be.

As a newlywed, I’m beginning to appreciate life more and trying not to take anything for granted. My husband is truly my better half. I would be lost without him. He’s opened up a world of new things and endless possibilities. We dated for ten years before getting hitched on 12.13.14, I’m excited for the chapter that is unfolding.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved coffee. I remember my grandma letting me taste my first sip of coffee at the age of five. It’s become a daily habit for me that I’ve somewhat become addicted to. I’m not sure if it’s the taste or the fact that it makes me smile every time I think of my grandma (or my welita, as I like to call her).

I’ve recently acquired a taste for tea, Matcha tea to be exact. I have become somewhat of frequent customer at Craftiques Garden Tea Lounge and have become intrigued with the art of making Matcha tea. I took a class where I learned about the Japanese Tea ceremonies and the different ways of making Matcha tea. I’m still trying to master the art before writing a blog post about it. It takes practice, and I try as often as I can to make it a part of my morning routine. In this photo, one (one who knows about Matcha) would say there isn’t enough froth.

Matcha Tea

My husband wasn’t fond of the tea, perhaps when I master the art he’ll have a different opinion. For now, I’ll continue making breakfast for him. He seems to enjoy my cooking. This dish was inspired by one of my favorite restaurants Tost Bistro and Lounge — they have an amazing brunch menu and serve delectable brussel sprouts!

Rarely do my husband and I get the opportunity to have breakfast with one another because of our completely opposite schedules. So when we do get the chance, I try to go all out. Here we have poached eggs over a bed of brussel sprouts, bacon, and Blue cheese with a side of champagne sweet tomatoes!



All that’s missing is the perfect hollandaise sauce! If you have an awesome recipe you’d like to share,  please send over!