wanna win an allied running medal hanger??

do you need somewhere to hang your precious medals?

be sure to enter my drawing where i am raffling off 2 hangers! thank you so much to allied for donating these gorgeous items!

in other news, i have not worked out in 5 days! yes, this is day 5 of not working out for me! 🙁 i am still very sick and what hurts the most is not being able to run or cross train! i have a half marathon in 11 days, this bug really needs to fly away! i hate to be so negative but i can’t think of one positive thing about being sick…oh wait, i have no appetite and may lose a pound or two? that’s always a plus, right? well, if you can think of any thing else, please let me know because it’s no fun being in my position and i really need to be cheered up!