good news, great news, other news

wow! i can’t believe 2 weeks have passed me by! i guess that means i’m having fun! (or been really busy) whatever the case, i’ve got news to share!

did you see me on

Courtney’s blog?

i was this week’s featured runner of the week! (2 weeks ago :))

courtney is also hosting a totally awesome drawing


the best part is it’s benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society! yeah!

what you missed last week:
♥ honored hero ice cream social movie night! (hosted by yours truly)
♥ an attempt at a 3 mile run (shins still not doing good) 🙁
♥ wine tasting benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society
♥ weekend of a waste: sick, sick, sick oh and hurt–but on a positive note, my boyfriend did take care of me and we got to spend all weekend in bed!

what you missed this week:
♥ not much! 🙂
♥ sports doc on monday
♥ new pair of running shoes
♥ MY FIRST RUN SINCE LABOR DAY! YEAH! it wasn’t a great run, but i was just happy to run! need to do more conditioning and speedwork. i need to do a lot of catching up in order to train for my upcoming marathons!

tonight….GREY’S ANATOMY!! i can’t wait, can you?