oh, what a summer!

wow! it’s been almost 2 months since my last post; life hasn’t gotten busy! it would take forever to update you, so i will just touch on the highlights! 🙂

summer started off w/a bang! our team went tubing and had a blast!
not only do we work hard, we play hard too!

went on my first trip to NY w/my boyfriend and his old roommate. we had an amazing time! trip began w/lunch at figaro’s; pizza and, of course, beer! the pizza was absolutely delicious! did a little shopping and exploring around times square. next morning a saturday run! that’s right, running while on vacation! (i’m the mexican in the pink skirt)

i intended to run 10 miles (because that’s what my team back home was doing), but i chickened out at 7 miles. didn’t want to exhaust myself, of course! 😉 running w/TNT’s NY chapter was amazing! ran w/some really sweet girls who called me “texas” and they laughted at me when i said “y’all.” they were all great, supportive, welcoming–expected nothing less from fellow TNT’ers!

went to madame tussads & went up the empire state building- the view was breathtaking! we enjoyed the view of the city at night there and the next at top of the rock during the day, both were amazing but i enjoyed the view during the day better. we visited the statue of liberty, ground zero & got to experience a yankee game! it was awesome, the fans are crazy! one yankee fan threw a beer over a redsox fan– i don’t condone any of it, but it made really good entertainment! we did a lot of tours the next day including the nbc studio tour and radio city hall. we went in st patrick’s cathedral-absolutely amazing! we went out and met some “friends” from jersey! they were really sweet and fun! we danced and drank the night away, definitely a night to remember! our last day was spent at the museum of natural history- i really wish we were able to visit more museums, but they were so huge you really need a whole day to visit! i felt like the days were going so fast and we didn’t have time for anything! oh and we also visited central park our last day and got a tour on a pedi-cab. it was a delight! i can’t wait for our next visit there!

my first day back, even though i was still on vacation, that did not mean i was able to sleep in! finally went to see an airrosti doctor for my shin splints that had been hurting me a couple weeks before my trip. it was EXTREMELY painful, but after my last treatment (this past friday) i feel GREAT! that afternoon was spent w/my family, TNT family that is! recommitment dinner! this is where all the participants recommit to finish the training and fundraising for the nike and san antonio marathons! pictured below are: lisa, our honored hero & my reason joining TNT; amy & debbie, my running buddies and fabulous duo; and to my right is carla, my newest running buddy- we actually run the same pace!

and the next day, a fundraiser to support the leukemia & lymphoma society, a bachelorette auction! pictured below are more fellow teamates: kelley, my running buddy (when i can keep up w/her); lisa, a tnt participant and bachelorette; victor, tnt alumni who bought the lovely lisa! oh and that’s me on the left 🙂

always a great night w/TNT! as of right now we are up to 14 miles! (i’m at 12 miles because NY set me back, but i’ll be fine) and i’m back to blogging because i feel this is the only way to hold me accountable! so with that…

saturday: 12 miles
monday: 30 crossramp/1 hour yoga
tonight: 1 hour of plyometrics!

and through it all i managed to maintain my weight of 138. let’s see how many lbs i can lose ’til the end of september!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Summers get so busy anymore its hard to keep up with everything!

    Well from one TNT runner to another, good luck and GO TEAM!

  2. Yay, you’re back!! I’ve been wondering about you, looks like you’re having a fantastic summer! Awesome job keeping up with your runs and holding steady on your weight! 🙂

  3. Awesome recap. Was wondering where you had disappeared to!!?!

    Love all the photos. Looks like an awesome group. TNT!!

  4. You had an amazing trip to NYC and way to go on the training! You’re rocking those long run miles with TNT!

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