my first award

yay! i’m super excited to receive my first bloggy award! i was hoping this day would come 🙂 i would like to thank chloe from tryin’ to throw my arms around the world for this wonderful honor!

so, as a recipient of the “versatile blogger award” i am to share 6 or 7 things about myself. here goes!

ONE. i just recently conquered my fear of needles! i used to be deathly afraid of needles but my dr insisted once and it wasn’t that bad. i then decided to give blood since i’m a big advocate of saving lives!

TWO. as you may or may not know, i’m a marathon runner! i have been running since 2006 with team in training benefiting the leukemia & lymphoma society collectively raising over $20,000 in the last 4 years! i’ve ran 1 marathon and 5 half marathons…currently training for the san antonio rock n roll marathon! on a mission to meet 26.2 again! my favorite? it’s a tie between the nike marathon & the disney princess 1/2 marathon!

THREE. i’m a hypochondriac! when you’re around me, please don’t ever mention that something is wrong with you because chances are it’s contagious and i already have it! or in this case, don’t blog about because i will be blogging about it the next day 🙂

FOUR. i will be making my first visit to NYC in august! i am super excited, so if anyone knows of any must see or dos, please share!

FIVE. my boyfriend and i have been together for five years. he is the love of my life and my very best friend. our very first date was on valentine’s day. he sent me roses anonymously, took me for dinner at my favorite restaurant, then out for drinks and a game of pool. it was a perfect night that i will always remember!

SIX. i’m a hopless romantic who believes in happy endings.

and now the fun part! i get to give the award away! winner, winner, winner:

P, from Adventures of an Average Athlete

emz, from If I can’t convince you – – I’ll at least confuse you.

kelly, from kelly leigh gets busy

lara lee, from dawn of a beginning

and……..drum roll please,
brooke, from Smart + Strong = Sexy

wow, it is better to recieve than give in this case- that was a lot of hard work 🙂
hope you like your award as much as i liked mine!


ten things tuesday

1. had a wonderful weekend, much deserved after the horrible week i had! we had our first TNT potluck w/all teams (marathon, hike & tri). here’s a pic of a few of us, it totally looks like we’re praying or something- really wish i knew what we were doing. 🙂


2. i didn’t run w/my usual running buddy, one because she ran too fast and two because i stayed and ran w/another teammate, ronni. i then found out she is a survivor! she is such an amazing, strong, beautiful woman! i am in awe of her faith and self-motivation, she will be running the nike marathon in october! so happy for her!


3. my god-daughter turned 5! well not really, but she’ll be w/her dad in july so we thought we’d celebrate early. time has really flown by so fast!


4. i woke up monday morning to a washed truck! i ♥ daddy!

5. i also chose to have a good day yesterday- guess what, i did!

6. my love and i went to see toy story 3 last night! absolutely adorable! my new favorite disney movie! ♥ ♥ ♥

7. this morning a lot of things went wrong but it’s amazing when you chose to be happy, nothing can tear you down!

8. tonight- cash bash! i get to see my team again and tell them all about fundraising opportunities!

9. my gym bag is packed and i intend to get back on the treadmill tonight! hopefully i don’t get forced to go out to eat w/the team 🙂

10. oh happy day! hope your day is as good as you want it to be! chose to be happy!



just let me wine today, tomorrow’s another chardonnay

yay! today is thursday, just one more day of this dreadful week! 🙂
i swear i’m usually not such a pessimist, but this really has been one of the worst weeks ever! not only because a dear friend has passed, but because it was very blah, very dull and boring and depressing! haven’t lost any more weight, haven’t had the energy to try! last night’s group run was pathetic! i had to stay behind while my running partner passed me up- i just know it’s because i haven’t worked out all week. and boohoo, looks like i’m out of the juneathon challenge! 🙁
it was fun while it lasted, and yes i did drown my sorrows in a glass of wine! i deserve it!

anyway, i am in brighter spirits today. hoping for a great weekend and a great week to follow! new goals and new workout plans!


dancing in the rain

yesterday i lost a great friend and role model to cancer. in 2006, i joined team in training to help fund a cure for cancer. i had no connection to cancer, didn’t even know anyone who had it. over the past 4 years i’ve met so many people who have been affected by it and yesterday, tim was the first person i knew who died from it.

tim palmquist was a high spirited man. always had a smile on his face. he hired me at the job i am employed today. he worked here 35 years…it’s hard to believe he won’t be coming back. we’ve known for awhile that his last days would soon come to an end. the days leading up to it were very sad. we had a conversation that i will forever hold in my heart. he was ready to die. he lived a great life and was part of a clinical trial. sadly, the trial did not save him but may be the reason someone else lives. we cried together as he told me how proud he was of all that i do to help fund a cure. i truly don’t believe i can stop any time soon until we find a cure. no family should have to endure something so terrible.

so, today i try and enjoy life. try to forget the blah day i had yesterday. ignore the petty things that ruined my morning like forgetting my phone, accidentally throwing my pedometer in the wash and someone stealing my spare tire from my truck! life is too short to worry about the small things in life. today i chose to make the most of life! i chose to dance in the rain rather than wait for the storm to pass!



well, looks like i didn’t get chosen for win, lose or blog– but i’ll still keep up with it here. i guess i’ll take it as a compliment in that they don’t think i have much weight to lose 🙂

tomorrow’s another weigh in. not worrying terribly as i usually am, hope this doesn’t mean i’m giving up. monday’s are just so blah. i feel blah right now. didn’t feel like coming into work, don’t feel like working, don’t feel like working out tonight, blah, blah, blah!

well, don’t have much more to say than “blah” so i guess i’ll close for now. tomorrow will be a better day! 🙂


the road less traveled

yes, i’m aware my title and picture do not coordinate; however, that is exactly where i ended up yesterday following “the road less traveled” onto the riverwalk!

my intentions were to take the bus from downtown about 2 miles north. i was at the stop early and thought this can’t be too much further, i’ll walk a bit and maybe catch another bus along the way. before i knew it, i was lost! i’m pretty familiar w/downtown (especially since i lived here for about 2 years), but i was in unknown territory. i tried taking the backstreets toward my destination, but i should’ve known better–i have no sense of direction! i ended up at the riverwalk, midday, scorching 85 degree weather! H-O-T! it ended up taking me about 40 minutes to walk 2 miles, i’m pretty sure it was further than that! anyway, i got to where i needed (drenched in sweat, eeew) and luckily there was a bus stop nearby when i was ready to head back. it was a lovely adventure! and i did get an additional 2 miles in, not bad! 🙂

my feet were hurting so bad when i got back to work. i decided to leave work early and head for a manicure and pedicure. it was perfect! except for the fact that i was now running late for practice. oops! i raced to practice and stopped at the nearest gas station for a change of clothes. inevitably, my nails and toenails are bit messed up!
note to self: never get pampered before a run!

the run was great! i can definitely tell i’m getting back into the hang of this! i’m so excited for the actual race! a few of our teammates are leaving to seatle next weekend for their race, we got all teary eyed at dinner talking about the inspiration dinner and event weekend! i’m so excited for them…and wish i was going!

yes, i did say dinner. we went out again last night, but i’ve decided i’m not going to dwell on my diet anymore. as long as i don’t gain anyomore weight, i’ll be fine. but i’m definitly going to stay away from fastfood/junk food. for as long as i can. 🙂 i think it will become natural. let’s hope so anyway!


am i afraid of the scale or is the scale afraid of me?

not really thrilled w/myself this week. somehow i managed to gain back 4lbs! i know i’ve been bad, but i don’t think i’ve been that bad! someone please tell me this is muscle fat that i’m gaining! it has to be, cause while i haven’t been eating the greatest, i have still been working out.

i didn’t do jillian michaels like i wanted to. i didn’t have vigorous workouts this week. i walked on my treadmill instead of ran…okay, okay, i guess i see where i messed up. besides the fact that i haven’t been following my diet book 🙂

that’s actually when i started gaining the weight, when i stopped following the book, stopped drinking my green smoothies & stopped working out as hard. okay, i know where i went wrong- now i need to fix it! i’ll try and eat well the rest of the week, but on monday, it’s back on the diet for me! then maybe i can bring out jillian’s 30 day shred again!

this is going to be hard, but this is going to be worth it! i want to be able to face the scale w/confidence next time!

start weight(06/02/10): 141
(06/08/10): 136
(06/15/10): 140
goal weight: 110


i’ve got a date w/jillian tonight!

i hate reporting after the weekend! i was a bad, bad girl! very scared of weighing in tomorrow. actually, the whole week i haven’t been eating as good as i did the first week. i would really like a do-over please!

lots of fast food, mexican food, chinese food…i have no excuses. it made me happy 🙂

i guess this means i’ll have to workout more this week! i ordered the jillian micheals, 30 day shred dvd! it came in sat and i’m super excited to start today!

juneathon day 13: weights


just say no

losing 5lbs has sure put a damper on things. i’m scared to eat anything for fear that i may gain it back! well, i guess not that scared–we went to texas land and cattle for lunch yesterday, (my boss took me- i had no choice) i ordered a grilled chicken ceasar salad. i think that’s the first time i walked out of there not being stuffed! i usually order the chicken fried chicken which pretty much is the size of the plate itself, and i don’t stop eating until it’s gone! so, i guess i did okay although my “diet” doesn’t consist of any meat w/my salad.

then i had a great 3 mile run at my gym. followed by another 2 mile run outdoors w/my tnt team. it was great! i can’t stop saying such great things about my teammates, they are all so nice, friendly & outgoing. i know i’ve said it before, but this is going to be a great season!

after practice, and here’s we’re i hated myself in the morning, we went out for drinks! i only had one, and it was an mgd64- only 64 calories, how can it be that bad? i also ordered fish tacos, they were yummy…and i snacked on some sweet potato fries. i really hope these eats don’t make it harder for me to lose weight this week or worse gain back a few pounds. i’ll just have to workout a little harder these next few days!

also, i had no problem packing a lunch today! a delicious greek salad awaits! dinner will light as well! i feel like i should be wearing one of those sandwich signs saying “do not feed the human!” no more food for me, please! 🙂

juneathon day 9: 5 miles!


i lost 5lbs!

so, i weighed in last night and i lost 5lbs! i was hoping to lose 2lbs, but i am not complaining- i just hope to be consistent w/this weight loss!

start weight (06/02/10): 141
current weight (06/08/10): 136
goal weight: 110

i guess i’ll be continuing this diet after all! although i did veer from the book last night. i treated myself w/a turkey burger on ezekial bread w/sweet potato fries!
i swear it tasted better than it looked! jumping back on the horse today! we also start our first wednesday practice w/our team tonight! not looking forward to running in this humidity though!