3 things thursday

1. went to see sex and the city last night! had a great time w/friends and the movie wasn’t bad either. i expected a lot more in the movie, but i guess as always my expectations were too high. the movie is really funny though, definitely a must see. i would go in depth about it, but i think i’ll wait until more people see the film.

2. woohoo! for 3 day weekends! so excited to spend time w/my honey this weekend. hopefully we’ll go to houston for a little getaway. this week has really worn me out! is today really only thursday?

3. looking forward to crawling into bed this evening. that’s all.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so with you on your 2 and 3!!! Spending time with the honey and going to sleep early tonight!!

    First time I bought those crackers, can twait to eat them! They are going to be like crack!!! lol!! glad to know they are good!!!

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