a is for amazing

i’m happy to report that this is day 4 of no meat, 1 raw meal & 1 quart of green smoothie a day and i have done just that! it has not even been that hard! well, yesterday was the hardest having done green for breakfast and lunch. i went to yoga class during my lunch hour so didn’t start eating til about 2:00. boy, either that was the best greek salad i ever had or i was really hungry!


anyway, i started dragging about 4 o’clock or so and kid you not…1 drink of my green smoothie and i was replenished! i envisioned a dead flower coming back to life- it was amazing! it held me until about 8:30. i volunteered to take down a mock trial last night and it was fun. i’ll talk more about that this weekend as i plan to practice on my stenograph machine all weekend.

anyway, since i have done so great i rewarded myself w/grilled catfish and shrimp! so glad i didn’t give up seafood! 🙂

as for this morning…i had the best smoothie ever! watermelon & romaine, my new favorite flavor! this is a winner! can’t wait til this afternoon to drink my other! 🙂 AMAZING!


  1. I love your blog look! And good eats! Thanks for stopping over to mine 🙂

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