yum, yum!

last night’s dinner @ green: raw wrap. a raw romaine burrito stuffed with dried cranberries, sliced portabella, sprouts, organic spinach, raw pecan hummus, tomato, bell pepper, carrots, and broccoli…….with cooked sweet potato fries! i ordered the fries just in case i didn’t like the wrap. boy, was i wrong the wrap was delicious! i’ve never had raw hummus before and it was great! and the cranberries were a perfect addition- i would have never thought to do that!


had another smoothie yesterday afternoon and this morning…not bad at all! i’m not sure if it was the sitting in the fridge for a day or what? whatever the deal, i’m just glad they were enjoyable! can’t wait to make the next batch of smoothies…think i’ll try watermelon!


  1. Grace,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Its nice to see new pretty faces! 🙂 I am impressed by your choice to go raw! We try to eat healthy as much as possible ( besides the occasional fried pickles!) but I don’t think we are quite at the raw food stage yet. I don’t think three little kids would go for it! ha ha! Good luck!

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