i had my first green smoothie yesterday! i wish i could say i really, really enjoyed it, but i did not. 🙁 it was a combination of strawberries & spinach- i love them both, but maybe not together?

today’s was worse: peaches and romaine. i really had to swallow those suckers and make it mind over matter. it wasn’t terrible as i gulped the whole thing down, but i’m sure they’re supposed to taste better than this. anyone have any good recipes?

so, didn’t get a chance to write yesterday, but this week my goal is to drink a quart of smoothies a day (i now realize this may not be as easy as i thought). the next thing i’m going to do is incorporate 1 raw meal a day. and lastly, no meat all week. don’t think these tasks are too hard, but we’ll see.

i tried a vegan burger last night on ezekial bread w/bleu cheese and it was not good! tasteless and wasteless! i only got through half the burger. 🙁

new this week: plain yogurt (w/strawberries- guess not so plain) & flax seed crackers. these crackers have become my new favorite snack. they are yummy and so addicting!