yo quiero green!

last night’s dinner @ green: a quinoa burrito! quinoa, beans, avocado, cashew cheese, organic spinach and sprouts all wrapped in a jumbo whole whole wheat tortilla.



of course i would pick the most fattening foods on the menu 2 days in a row! this burrito was surprisingly delicious! it was no habaneros (my favorite burrito eatery), but i enjoyed it just the same! it was filling and really hit the spot. even the garden salad was delicious. i’m a bit picky and…well, let’s just say weird about my food- i don’t like my food touching each other (call me crazy, this i know). anyway, everything in my salad was strategically placed making me a very happy girl! 🙂


  1. Mmmm, the wrap looks delicious! And don’t be fooled, I rarely run with the jogger because it is very difficult!

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