what i love about mondays!

while most people hate mondays, i absolutely love them! for me, it’s another chance at getting things right! let’s forget about last week and put it in the past! forget about how i cheated on my diet and let’s start working on improving it!

speaking of my diet…to make things only harder for me, i am debating on becoming a raw foodist. i read ‘green for life’ last night and became completely inspired. you may be thinking how am i going to do that if i can’t even stay away from the sugar my dr banned, but i really think i can do it. it’s time to stop complaining about my weight loss (or lack thereof) and actually do something about it. i need to start living a healthier lifestyle and i believe this is key.

i’m going to talk to my nutritionist on wed and in the mean time i will be doing more research on it. i’m not your typical vegetable enthusiast, so this is going to be tough. i do however think this is completely attainable if i take baby steps. only time will tell…